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Stone House Jure

Away from the crowds, perfect for romantics, lovers, and families with children, seeking complete serenity and privacy.

Simply fantastic.

Everything is perfect.


 Welcome to the
'tech detox oasis'.

Imagine a week without emails, messages, traffic jams, hurries or frenzies. Your kids swim and play outside, and there is no screen time. 

You wake up to the birds chirping, surrounded by the silence and olive groves. You take your morning yoga on a sunny terrace with spectacular views. You finally have the time to read that book.

Unplug from the daily rush and digital overload, and experience the 'tech detox' in our Stone House Jure.
You are more than welcome.

Your only neighbours: 
olive trees.

Stone House Jure takes privacy to the next level.

You will be completely alone, situated in a fully equipped, hilltop house that overlooks the surrounding nature, the sea, and islands. There are no curious house owners, crowds, or other tourists. 

You will have only olive trees as your neighbors, and maybe a few tiny bugs as visitors from the forest behind the house.

Infinity pool with 'the' view.

Splash away the stress and jump into the fun side of life. Enjoy the Stone House Jure's infinity pool and soak up its fascinating view. 

It will refresh you during the summer heat, and if the outside temperature gets chilly, the pool will still feel pleasant - thanks to its heating system. 

Safe, clean, and oh so fun!

Play outside.

  • Swimming
Enjoy the pool or the nearby beach in St. Juraj Bay, 400 meters away.
  • Playing sports
You have a multi-purpose playground, so play ball: volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, or mini tennis.
  • Cycling
You can rent a bike with us and cycle through the wild. We also have one electric and one XS size bike. 
  • Walking
You can take a 15-min walk to the nearby St. Juraj Bay or wander along the surrounding pathways and the woods.​

Open views. 

Almost a century ago, Stone House Jure used to be a farm stable!

We carefully reconstructed its ancient walls and rebuilt it into a stone cottage, perfect for up to five people seeking a getaway from the modern world.  

Recharge your batteries with nature carrying a scent of rosemary, lavender, and immortelle.

Clear your mind and feed your soul with breathtaking views. 

Alfresco dining in Mediterranean style. 

For the most part of the year, the people of the Mediterranean take their lives outside. They work, play, cook, and dine in the open.

You can do that too, enjoying the shades and amenities of the Stone House Jure's terrace.

With a BBQ, gas stove, dining table, deck chair swing, and chaise longues, you can spend your entire holiday outdoors. 
Dog Friends

Woof, woof!
Pets are welcome.

By choosing the Stone House Jure, you have chosen freedom and that includes the freedom to bring your family dog.

House Jure is situated on a two-hectare fenced property, leaving enough space for your dog to run and explore the land.

Because your pet deserves a vacation too!

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